Nikhil Misra
Identity, Product Design
15 Week Project
Goods. is new way to fund non-profit organizations. Goods is. a non-profit marketplace where people can buy and sell clothing items. With each item you buy, Goods. takes 10% percent of the purchase and donate it to a non-profit partner. Goods. partners with different organizations every 2-3 months to maximize social impact.

The project started out with two ideas of reselling clothing and creating a service for social impact. I wanted to see if I could merge these two worlds together. I started my research by talking to various people who have sold clothing on the internet. I also did field observations by going to various reselling clothing stores and fashion events in New York City.
After conducting research, I went through a couple rounds of wireframing and prototyping. Throughout each step of the process, changes were constantly made to the product.
The selling feature was designed to be simple to use. Any type of user can sell on Goods., from a streetwear reselling veteran to someone selling something for the very first time.
The highlight feature of Goods. is the ability to donate a portion of the purchase to one of our organization partners. The user can read more information on our current partners and are able to select where there donation goes to upon checkout.