Nikhil Misra
Identity, Enviromental, Type, Web Design
15 Week Project
Unfold is a design conference for a new era of designers. The main theme of Unfold is increasing diversity in the design landscape on a global scale and the designer’s ethical role to play in creating diversity. Unfold is being held in The National Design Centre in Singapore. Singapore has an inluence of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, and British culture. A beautiful enviroment that promotes growth, aesthetics, and of course design. In Collaboration With: Sheila Cheng and Diana Meijia.
As part of the confrence's identity, we designed a typeface based on paper folding.
The website was designed to feature a language switch from English to Mandarin. Mandarin is the national language of Singapore and we wanted to appeal to the local population as well.
After the confrence was completed, the Unfold website is changed to showcase the location for the upcoming year. The confrence website changes also by having an archive of footage from the event.